True Wireless Speakers: Twin Portable TWS Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker Dual Set Big Bass for Apple iPhone iOS Google Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smart Phones Laptops MAC PC Tablets Smartphones Echo

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Product Description

** IMPORTANT - To pair these speakers IN STEREO follow these steps CAREFULLY: If you have already Paired one as a single speaker, remove the code from your phone first before pairing in stereo. Next, press the Power button on the bottom side of BOTH Speakers for 2 to 3 seconds. Now, LONG PRESS the "Phone" button on BOTH of the speakers until you here an audio prompt indicating the speakers have paired together (you may have to press for up to 20 or 30 seconds). They will automatically Pair together during this time. Next turn Bluetooth on in your settings on your mobile device and look for the Pairing Code (BS-01 or BS-TWS) in the list of available devices to pair with. Finally, simply tap the code on your phone screen to pair. You now have 2 speakers working in stereo mode. These speakers, when paired together, cannot be separated by more then 10 feet or delays can occur in audio. Delays in the audio while watching a movie or video may occur. **

Ultra Solid Construction - Built For Durability
These Audiophile level speakers are constructed of patented, durable and long lasting steel. They are the only speakers available on the Market today with this advanced construction. Don't hesitate - these are the ones.

Compatible with any Bluetooth stereo device including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Windows, Blackberry Phones, Moto Actv, PC, Mac, and any gaming devices.

Key Features
True Wireless Freedom - Zero wires connecting the 2 Speakers
10 WATTS of Pure Power
6 hours per Single Charge
High End Durable Steel Construction
Advanced Bluetooth Power Saving Technology - Connecting is a Breeze
Play Music + Take Calls
TF/SD Card And Direct 3.5 mm. Line In Capability
True Audiophile Level Sound Quality

What's in the Box
2 x micro USB Charging cable
1 micro 3.5 mm. Audio Cable
1 Pair (2) of Premium Quality Speakers
1 Instruction Manual

Product Specifications

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  • ✔ #1 RATED SPEAKERS IN 2019 - BIG SOUND SMALL SIZE! ✔ Less than half the price of the big brand name Speakers with all the same features, miniature size, and build quality! You get advanced wireless audio technology providing seamless connection to your smartphones and other Bluetooth devices. Most importantly, you get unparalleled sound quality. Includes TWO (2) Speakers that operate in FULL Stereo Bluetooth mode, or independently.
  • ✔ LIGHTNING FAST CHARGE TIME ULTRA LONG BATTERY LIFE ✔ Cutting edge technology allows for up to 6 hours of continuous play / talk time on a single charge thanks to an upgraded rechargeable li-ion battery. Charging is a breeze and happens in less than 2 hours. Plus these speakers can be used as a pair, or individually. They are packaged separately as well, so you can keep 1 for yourself and gift the other one - if stereo sound is not your thing!
  • ✔ AWESOME VERSATILITY WITH 3 IN 1 FUNCTIONALITY ✔ These speakers offer 3 different modes of usability. Stereo Bluetooth Mode, aTF/SD Card Slot, and direct link in with a 3.5 mm. Audio cable included in the box. All this and over 7.5 Watts of pure unadulterated power! We have even included 2 FREE stands for these speakers with the package, so you can project the sound where you want it, when you want it!
  • ✔ HANDSFREE CONVENIENCE FOR IMPORTANT CALLS ✔ Featuring easy to use music/call control on each speaker. These Speakers are also much smaller than the average TWS Speakers on the market, but offer crystal clear sound with impressive bass; a true audiophile experience. ** To pair these speakers in stereo, turn Bluetooth to off on your phone or mobile device. This allows the speakers to first pair in stereo together instead of just 1 speaker pairing to your device first. **
  • ✔ DESIGNED FOR PORTABILITY AND PERFORMANCE ✔ These practically sized speakers have a durable rubber circle on the base making them safe to use on any surface. They are also easy to carry and take to anywhere, meaning you can enjoy your music on the go. Perfect for studying, gaming, parties and more. . ★★★★★ BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE. These speakers are backed by a full money back guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, simply return your Speakers for a FULL REFUND with no questions asked.
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True Wireless Speakers: Twin Portable TWS Bluetooth Mini Stereo Speaker Dual Set Big Bass for Apple iPhone iOS Google Android Samsung Galaxy Nexus Smart Phones Laptops MAC PC Tablets Smartphones Echo
  • 711583603563